Glassworks offers you the opportunity to own a unique piece of wearable

art in bright vibrant colours suitable for any age. We offer you a window into a world of colour, fun 

and imagination.

About the Artist

Lydia Smyth PGCE, MA Applied Arts, BA Hons Art and Design,

specialises in the creation of exclusive glass design. She describes her 

latest jewellery range as a 'fusion of vivid colour, sparkle and intricacy'.

In addition to her jewellery range, Lydia also undertakes large 

architectural and interior projects.  Her unique treatment of glass and 

innovative design has earned commissions for corporate head offices, 

Art centres and hotels. She has also enjoyed a variety of private commissions, ranging

from family homes to solicitors offices. Her jewellery collection combines clean lines and vibrant

colour to create a fun and youthful look suitable for any age.  


 "My work evokes memories of childhood; I use glass as the primary material

 in my work as it captures meanings and narratives in a delicate and elusive way.

Often, I'll choose glass to illustrate how fragile and beautiful life is".